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 2018-08-18  NextARCUS RECORD.At the request of one of the largest companies in Poland, we managed to bend the profiles into semicircular arches with a transition to straight sections ofradius of 195 mm! We made the bends in the Veka Perfectline 101.208+107.214 system. What is important, the bows were made with perfect quality.

They wroteabout​.

 2018-07-24  We would like to remind you that from 30/07 - 05/08/2018 our company will be closed due to the holiday break. Therefore, orders for week 31 will not be accepted. Please also take this fact into account when planning production.

 07/06/2018  At the beginning of July another integration meeting was held in our company. This time we met on the shores of the beautiful Osuszyno Lake, in the heart of picturesque Kashubia, in the recreation complex Szarlota. As usual, we spent time very actively. The main attractions were races on the lake and paintball.

We invite you to see photos from the entire event in our websitegallery(click).  

 2018-06-17  We invite our clients to log in to the client area, to customer panel. We have added many functional tabs that will improve cooperation.

Now client can:

  • check the status of your orders,

  • check, print invoices,

  • check payments,

  • check the status of your warehouse if the customer has set up one in our company,

  • check the minimum bending radii for the systems on which it works,

  • download various marketing materials, forms and documents.

 2018-06-01  We have launched a new, more functional website.

When designing the new website, we were guided primarily by the desire to present our offer in a simple way and transparent, using mainly numerous photos of our most interesting projects.

We invite you to visit the website regularly, where we will provide a lot of information about our company on an ongoing basis.

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