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Wszystkie realizacje


In addition to standard orders for  PVC or aluminum window arches we are also not afraid of non-standard orders. Gniemy różne rodzaje i gatunki stali oraz aluminium tworząc łuki nietypowe mające szerokie zastosowanie.

We undertake bending:

  • steel window reinforcements for PVC window arches,

  • steel and aluminum window sills for non-standard PVC windows,

  • pvc edging constituting the finish of the corners of the countertops,

  • aluminum profiles used as transport trolleys in the production process,

  • steel profiles constituting the construction of canopies over doors, balconies, etc.

  • steel profiles serving as structural elements of roofs,

  • steel and aluminum profiles used as fencing elements,

  • aluminum profiles that are housing lamps,

  • steel and aluminum angle bars, channels, tees, flat bars for a wide range of applications.

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