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Wszystkie realizacje


Being aware that a well-made window arch or a non-standard window is based on a well-made window arch, we make every effort to ensure that the profiles after bending are straight, smooth and homogeneous without deformations, distortions, skews, etc.

We make arches of various shapes:

  • fragmentary,

  • semicircular,

  • semicircular with a transition to straight sections.

We bend various types of profiles, both with a thermal break (warm) and without (cold):

  • frames: window frames, door frames, fire protection frames,

  • wings: window, door,

  • glazing beads,

  • bars,

  • poles,

  • bolts,

  • pressure strips,

  • masking strips,

  • muntins,

  • blinds.

We bend these profiles in all systems:

  • alufire,

  • Aliplast,

  • Aluprof,

  • Aluron,

  • Exlabes,

  • Morad,

  • Ponzio,

  • Raynaers,

  • schuco,

  • Yawal.

In just a few days, we are able to implement a new aluminum system into production.

The minimum bending radius depends on the type and section of the bent profile.

In some systems, we are able to make curves with a radius of less than 400 mm!

The list of minimum bending radii of alu window profiles is available in the customer area, after logging in to the customer panel.

In addition, at the customer's request, we provide the following services:​

  • we weld arcs,​

  • we polish and degrease arches,

  • we outsource their painting to the color indicated by the customer. 

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