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​Comprehensive range of products and services:

  • we make arches of various shapes, we bend various types of PVC, aluminum and steel profiles,

  • the customer can order from us both a window arch and a ready-made non-standard window.

High quality of products:

  • we have many years of experience in bending various materials,

  • we have a modern machine park, many machines made to order, taking into account the specifics of production,

  • products undergo detailed quality control at every stage of production,

  • we also take care of proper packaging and safe transport of products to the customer.

Short lead time for orders:

  • we have a well-equipped warehouse and regular supplies of materials for production, we cooperate with the majority of profile suppliers in Poland,

  • we give the customer the opportunity to set up his own profile warehouse in our company,

  • we have our own transport, thanks to which we regularly collect production materials from the customer and deliver finished products,

  • we manufacture the bending tooling ourselves, thanks to which we are able to introduce a new, any profile system into production in just a few days,

  • we also pay attention to proper planning and organization of the production process.


Perfect customer service:

  • we quickly respond to inquiries and provide regular customers with a valuation program along with training,

  • We confirm orders within 24 hours, giving min. their price and delivery date,

  • the customer can track the status of his order in production on an ongoing basis by logging into the customer zone,

  • before delivery, we inform the customer about the exact delivery date of the products,

  • to customers ordering only the service, we send a list of materials to be prepared,

  • at the customer's request, we prepare drawings of the glass,

  • in the customer zone tab, the following are available for download: a list of minimum radii and an order form,

  • we are happy to help in the design of complex, unusual windows and doors.


Individual approach to client: assuming that each client is different, has his own needs and expectations, we try to adjust the offer and set service standards to meet their expectations.

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