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Wszystkie realizacje


Perfectly made window arches, of various shapes, bent in different planes, with extremely small radii give us great possibilities for making various constructions. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We make constructions of the following shapes:

  • sector arches,

  • semicircular arches,

  • semicircular arches with transition to straight sections,

  • basket arches,

  • elliptical arcs,

  • according to the template,

  • wheels,


  • triangles,

  • trapezoids,

  • buffalo-eye constructions,

  • convex structures (bent glass),

  • structures with extremely small radii.

We weld different types of profiles:

  • frames: window, door, renovation, Dutch, Scandinavian,

  • wings: window, door,

  • bars,

  • extensions.

We weld these profiles in all systems:

  • Aluplast,

  • Brugmann,

  • CKM,

  • Decco,

  • foris,

  • Gealan,

  • needle,

  • inoutic,

  • KBE,

  • Kommerling,

  • Rehau,

  • salamander,

  • schuco,

  • Veka,

  • Vital.

In just a few days, we are able to implement a new pvc system into production.

The length of the weld depends on the type and cross-section of the welded profile, the dimensions of the structure and may even exceed 300 mm.

As a standard in constructions we clean the welds​ i.e. we mill the grooves or cut the flash.

In addition, at the customer's request, we provide the following services:​

  • we polish the welds,

  • we install previously bent window reinforcements in the arches,

  • we screw and weld the extensions,

  • we mill drainage holes, 

  • milling vent holes,

  • we mill holes for the handle,

  • we insert fixed and movable posts,

  • we pull the seals,

  • we cut glazing beads,

  • we are fitting.

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