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Founding of ARCUS.

ARCUS company Adrian Góski, Sebastian Sikorski was founded in March 2012 in Świecie nad Wisłą, where there was a small office and a production hall.

In addition:

  • we started the production of PVC arches and window constructions in several systems,

  • we have introduced arches made of aluminum and steel to our offer,

  • after a few months, we moved to a new plant in Chełmno, where, thanks to a much larger area, we increased production and acquired new customers.


nthis company headquarters.

We have opened a new company headquarters in Podwiesko, on the Grudziądz-Chełmno route.

In addition:

  • we launched our own department for the production of tools for bending pvc profiles,

  • we have implemented new pvc systems into production.


Non-standard PVC windows.

We started the production of non-standard PVC windows.

In addition:

  • we merged with FRB Paweł Golemo, a company specializing in bending profiles made of aluminum and various types of steel,

  • we have implemented further pvc and aluminum systems into production.


Complex offer.

Thanks to the implementation of the following systems, we have become the only company in Poland offering bending of profiles in all pvc and aluminum systems.

In addition:

  • we rebranded the company.



We purchased more bending machines for bending PVC, aluminum and steel profiles and launched a new line for welding non-standard constructions and PVC windows.


In addition:

  • we invested in our own transport, which accelerated the delivery of orders,

  • we have implemented modern IT solutions supporting production and customer service. 


Increase in production.

Successful investments, increase in employment and marketing activities caused us to acquire new customers, and thus we doubled production.


In addition:

  • we have completed the construction of a warehouse, which we supply with i  profiles on an ongoing basis, where our customers can store their materials, which further shortened the order fulfillment time.


A record in bending PVC profiles.

We have crossed the previously unattainable limit of R 200 mm in bending PVC profiles, thus ahead of the competition.

This fact has not gone unnoticed in the industry. New customers come to us, the biggest companies on the market.

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