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Based on arches and constructions perfectly made at earlier stages of production, we produce unusual PVC windows with unique shapes. For this purpose, we use the best profiles, fittings and glass.

We make windows in the following shapes:

  • sector arches,

  • semicircular arches,

  • semicircular arches with transition to straight sections,

  • basket arches,

  • elliptical arcs,

  • according to the template,

  • wheels,


  • triangles,

  • trapezoids,

  • buffalo eye windows,

  • convex windows (bent glass),

  • windows with extremely small radii.

We manufacture windows taking into account various opening methods:

  • tiltable,

  • openable,

  • tilt and turn,

  • backward,

  • rotating.

For production we use:

  • profiles in ALUPLAST 4000, 7000, 8000, 5-6 chamber systems,  with a construction depth of up to 85 mm, with a central sealing system, with a rich color palette (several dozen colors),

  • gaskets in black or gray, 

  • open and full-closed reinforcements of various thicknesses,

  • double and triple glazing, with float glass, laminated glass, solar control glass, decorative glass, special glass with the possibility of using a warm frame,

  • ROTO, WINKHAUS, HAUTAU fittings with the possibility of using hidden hinges,

  • internal or glued bars, of various widths and colors.

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